Get on your bikes and Ride!! - Our Gascony Bike Riders

Get on your bikes and ride!
A chink of an idea 24 months ago turned into a fantastic opportunity for a bunch of amateur cyclists to take to the canal paths of SW France and raise money at the same time for a great charity helping English speaking sufferers of Cancer. Again this year they took to the beautiful canal routes starting in Bordeaux and ending in Toulouse. 
Last year Karin popped her cycling shorts on and took to the route from Toulouse to the Mediterranean with gusto and nervousness, Karin, who is not a regular bike rider, did not find it easy every day over the 6 day route "it was not easy for me but it was just the most fun thing I had done for a while" - "I just thought why not? I wasn't particularly keen...!" So this year when it came to registering I wasn't so sure,  but then my friend Tanya signed up"
Karin's friend Tanya had a special reason to take part and to make this year's ride special. It was in memory of Andy, Tanya's husband and Karin's much missed friend.
Their training started!
Tanya said "The more people that know about CSF, the better. I did the bike ride, so that the word gets around, firstly, I do not want my Husband's death and pain to go without me being able to help someone else."
Andy died of Spine, Throat and Brain Cancer and Tanya is going to do Bike ride in hope that her efforts will help raise money and awareness of a little known cancer that he had.
"It happened very quickly and a lot doesn't seem to be known about it. For people to realise that there is help and support over here for people suffering with Cancer and the family during and after the death also I can have Support. I am lucky"
Tanya is a good friend of Karin Davies who has been involved with Cancer Support France for many years. Tanya said "She was amazing with the help and support throughout the last six weeks of Andy's Life, it is really helpful to have someone that just listens so that you can talk about it. Someone who doesn't talk down to you and make you feel even lower than you already feel"
"All I felt like is hiding, going into a shell, but talking to Karin, gave me hope and confidence to sort things out and carry on - this is why I did the bike ride!'
The Bike ride along the beautiful cycle paths of the Canal de Garonne will help others with the fund raising and getting the word out. Tanya feels that if one person sees that and it helps one more person, then her taking part would help achieve what she set out for.
Tanya suffers from Arthritis, but that did not going to stop her she declared "I love challenges!"